Super T Karate Krav Maga Program

At Super T Karate of Grand Rapids Michigan, we also teach the martial art of Krav Maga, which incorporates some of the most effective self-defense techniques ever devised.

Why is Krav Maga so powerful?

Most martial arts systems teach you to "re-train" your body to do things that may not come natural to you, which increases the learning curve to prepare you quickly for real-deal self defense.

Not Krav Maga...

The Israeli military crafted Krav Maga to work WITH your body’s natural movements - not against them.
That means it's FAST to learn, and EASY to use when you need it most.

Discover How you can gain...........

Incredible hand to hand combat techniques
How to stay safe, react and escape if you're ever attacked
Learn how to defend yourself & those that you love from armed attackers
Learn what to do against opponents much larger
Learn how to turn everyday house hold items into a weapon to use against an attacker
Learn how to assess the threat and to identify and escape danger BEFORE it actually happens

Bruce Lee used to call this the "Art of Fighting, without Fighting"

You will Ultimately learn how to stay safe & live a peaceful life...................

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