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EDC Combatives

Super “T” EDC Combatives class is designed to help prepare students for the real world dynamics of sudden, violent confrontation and attacks.

What will you do if you are suddenly and violently attacked? Will you have the time and opportunity to present your firearm? Do you have the skill and ability to retain your firearm when your attacker is within arm’s reach? Super “T” EDC Combatives blends empty hand with tactics of your every day carry items (knife, gun, flashlight) with the mindset to help keep you safe.

You will learn simple and effective self defense techniques that can give you the time and opportunity to access your firearm if needed.

Topics Covered:
– Close Quarter Tactics
– Flashlight Tactics
– Room Clearing Tactics
– Vehicle Tactics
– Handgun Retention
– Tactical and Emergency Reloads
– Handgun as an Impact Tool
– And much more …

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