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EDC Tactical Knife II

Learn how you can defend yourself with the Super T EDC Tactical Knife System, utilizing a pocket knife that you can carry just about anytime and anywhere. Because of its simplicity and effectiveness, the Super T EDC II Tactical Knife training system is fast and easy to learn.

EDC Tactical Knife I class is recommended prior, but not required.

You will examine the basics of the three knife ranges (close, middle, and long range) and practice drills to familiarize yourself with them!

The course introduces simple, effective movements that are easy to learn and work well under stress.

The Techniques Covered:
– Selection of Knives
– Reverse Grip Techniques
– Mindset
– Stances Footwork
– PDRG Knife Set
– Concealment and Deployment Tactics
– Muscle Targeting Areas
– And much more.


Date: Saturday July 25th 2020

Time: TBA

Place: Super T Karate

Cost: ONLY $59

Gear: Street Clothes, Clean Tennis Shoes

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