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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Amii Holcomb Hostetler reviewed Super T Karate Inc.
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We love Super T! Our child has made huge changes in behavior as well as physical changes.

Buddy Gainey reviewed Super T Karate Inc.
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I have really enjoyed learning Krav Maga at Super T. The classes are fun, I get a great workout and I am learning to defend myself.
Master Terry is awesome!

Heather Hapner Cloherty reviewed Super T Karate Inc.
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My son has come a long way in the one short month he has been taking classes. He is enjoying it so very much.

Jennifer McElheny Boyd reviewed Super T Karate Inc.
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My son has thrived in their great teaching environment. The set expectations high but are kind, helpful instructors. I am very happy we came.

Rebecca Grabill reviewed Super T Karate Inc.
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Our son has had a fabulous first year at Super T! He's healthier, stronger, and more confident than ever before, plus he's part of a supportive community. I'm not exaggerating when I say that karate has been life changing!

Cheri Jakubowski Moroney reviewed Super T Karate Inc.
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Master Terry is very professional but also personable. He has so much experience and truly cares about his clientele. He teaches how to stay focused which is excellent with anyone who has ADHD. He really knows how to teach the boxing moves by breaking them down. His family is a real asset since they are all involved with training at his place. You won't be sorry you joined at all. It's a high class place to get into kickboxing.

Joseph Merrills reviewed Super T Karate Inc.
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Great way to get your exercise while still learning ways to defend yourself with the added bonus of having fun while doing it. Great group of people, from Master Terry and Sensei Marvin to all the other students.

Joan Sommers reviewed Super T Karate Inc.
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Great place to learn self defense to stay safe. Master Terry is very well educated, keeps his students very informed with the newest techniques.
Everyone is very willing to help each other to strive to the best of their ability. While working hard, there is also time to have a few laughs.
Super T Karate is a great place!

Laura Maniaci reviewed Super T Karate Inc.
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My daughter has been training at Suoer T Karate for three and a half years, since she was 5 years old. Master Terry’s extreme dedication and expert coaching has allowed her to not only earn her brown stripe belt, but has also instilled amazing self confidence, mental and physical strength, martial arts skills, self defense techniques and so much more. She absolutely loves karate and I’ve enjoyed watching her grow into a powerful young woman because of it. I HIGHLY recommend Super T Karate!!! Master Terry and the other senseis are the best and truly care about their students success!!!

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Super “T” Tactical Defense

We offer Firearms / Knife training for all experience levels from beginners to experienced shooters.



Super T offers a variety of courses including beginner to advanced Tactical Handgun, Tactical Knife, Vehicle Tactics, Room Clearing Tactics, Force on Force, Concealed Carry, Home and Personal Defense. Private individual and group classes available upon request.

We offer NRA, USCCA certified training, and  STTD core instructional courses as well as custom training solutions to meet the requirements of our clients.

Super “T” Tactical


Super T Karate Tactical Defense believes in educating individuals in self-defense techniques, changing perspectives on self-defense, and assisting people in developing a positive mindset to overcome threat situations. 


We believe in showing you what your own personal capabilities are. Everyone has different aptitudes and mindsets and we seek to assist you in developing your own personal self. We tailor our learning atmospheres for the curriculum being taught and thus allows those of different experience levels to thrive. 


Super T Karate Tactical Defense isn’t about the Instructors, although we do have the quality, experience, and expertise to offer. Super T Karate Tactical Defense is all about you and what YOU can accomplish when you put your mind to it.

Instructor Terry Gay

Terry Gay is the founder of Super T Karate  / Tactical Defense, a school that prides itself on teaching practical self defense, hand-to-hand combat, edged weapons training, firearms training, and personal protection.

Terry regularly participates in professional development courses in order to improve and increase his skills, so that he may offer a better learning experience for his students and clients. Terry teaches courses from basic fundamentals all the way to advanced tactical handgun training for real world self-defense.

Master Terry Gay Bio/Training:
– 8th Degree Black Belt
– 44+ Years Martial Arts Experience
– P.A.K.A. World Kickboxing Champion
– Certified Cage Combat MMA Referee
– ISCF Certified MMA Referee
– ISCF Certified MMA Judge
– International Hall of Fame Member
– NRA Basic Pistol Certified Instructor
– NRA Personal Protection In The Home Instructor
– SRC Defensive Knife Instructor
– SRC Defensive Handgun Instructor
– USCCA Certifide Firearms Instructor
– Former Professional Boxer & Kickboxer
– CQT Carbine 1 & 2
– Personal Protection Security
– Security Guard / Bouncer
– Defensive Tactics Instructor
– Udemy Defensive Handgun
– Ranger Tactical Handgun
– NTL Affiliate Instructor
– CQT Shoothouse / Room Clearing
– Certified, Member of the Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors
– Bravery Award Branch County Sheriff Dept
– C.R.A.V.A.T – Civilian Response to Active Violence and Trauma
– 60+ Hours Force on Force Simulations Scenario Training
– Low Light
– CQT Handgun 1 & 2
– A3 Vehicle
– CC Vehicle Firearm Tactics
– UTM/NRA Certification
– NLT Handgun Grip Development
– Shooter Technology Group Ultimate Dry Fire
– CC Home Defense – Tactics for Defending Your Castle
– A3 Room / Building Clearing
– ALICE Certification Training for Business

Tactical Defense Classes

Michigan Concealed Carry

This 8+ hour class is an expanded version of the US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) course and exceeds the Michigan requirements to apply for a concealed pistol license. ..

Our Michigan CCW / CPL classes are taught by experienced shooters who are nationally Certified Instructors. Our goal is to provide you with the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude necessary for the safe use of firearms and carrying a concealed pistol.
This course complies with section 5j of 1927 PA 372.

Students Must Bring With Them to Class:
– Valid State ID / Drivers License
– Pencil/pen, Note Paper
– Safe Operable Handgun in Hard Case
– Bring 2+ magazines
– 100 rounds of Factory  Ammo
– Eye and Ear Protection
– Tennis Shoes

All payments are non-refundable. If for any reason you cannot make your chosen Michigan CCW / CPL class date you may apply it to the next open class with advance notice and a $10 reschedule fee. 

We reserve the right to reschedule classes with less than 6 students registered.

NO Live Ammunition Will Be Allowed In The Classroom.

Cost: ONLY $99
Date: Sunday February 10th, 2019
Time: 8:00am – 5:30pm
Location: Super T Karate
4981 Plainfield NE
Grand Rapids, Mich. 49525
Range: Barracks 616

Materials Included: Targets, Classroom, Range Time, Certificate for CPL Permit, and a Handout

NOTICE: Must have a minimum of 6 people to have a class

S.R.C.T.D. Reserves the right to reject any firearms or equipment that is/are deemed unsafe or inappropriate for training.

Vehicle Tactics

Vehicle Tactics – Is a vehicle counter ambush course teaches the student how to effectively defend themselves in and around a vehicle using a handgun.

This course includes not only shooting from a vehicle but places the student in situations that require quick decision making and appropriate responses.

We will focus on the proper use of their firearm in relation to its real-world applications against an armed threat in/out and around vehicles. The students will remediate fundamentals while engaging static paper targets with an Airsoft gun.

Course Topics:
• Vehicle hard points
• Anti-Carjacking and avoidance of conflict
• Using vehicle as concealment / limited cover
• Threat response scenarios
• Shooting from inside a vehicle – driver and passenger side
• Clearing seat belts
• Exiting properly
• Moving to more appropriate cover

Cost: ONLY  $79
Date: TBA
Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm
Location: Super T Karate
Certificate: Participation awarded for full
class attendance.

NOTICE: Only 12 spots available.
You can bring your Firearm & Holster.

We will Furnish:
– Airsoft guns & Airsoft mask

Tactical Handgun

Tactical Handgun course we begin the day by going over the mindset and philosophies of use regarding the carrying, use, and ownership of a firearm. We then begin the dry fire segment of the class.

This will include going over proper handling of the firearm, drawing and holster work, loading/unloading, and malfunction clearing. After getting these fundamentals down we move into the live fire section of the class.

Topics Covered:
– Close Quarters Shooting Techniques
– Drawing From the Holster
– Tactical Reloading
– Point-Shooting
– Malfunctions Drills
– Multiple Target Engagement
– Double tap and Rapid fire shooting drills
– Dry Fire

Course Requirements:
– Minimum 250+ rounds of ammunition
– Personal Firearm – NO Revolvers
– GOOD Quality Belt & Holster
– 2 or more Snap Caps
– Minimum of 2 Magazines
– Magazine Holder
– Eye and Ear Protection
– Shoes that Cover Your Toes

– Sunscreen
– Hat with visor
– Kneepads
– Cleaning Kit
– Rain Gear (as we train in the rain)

Cost: ONLY $79
Date: TBA

Time: 9:00am to 1:00pm
Place: TBA

Skill Level: Beginner – Advanced
Certificate: Participation awarded
for full class attendance.

NOTICE: Only 12 spots available.

– Bring a rain gear, drinks, snacks.

Tactical Knife

Super T Tactical Knife is an edged-weapon system specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s concerned citizen and armed professional. Super T Tactical Knife takes combat-proven tactics and adapts them to modern tools, threats, and legal concerns. The result is a practical, easy-to-learn system that is ideally suited for modern self-defense.

Super T Tactical Knife focuses on “stopping power” and the ability to immediately and decisively stop an assailant from continuing his/her attack. Super T Tactical Knife emphasizes an understanding of human physiology and the most effective methods of targeting muscles with small, legal-to-carry knives. Sometimes called “biomechanical targeting,”.

Examine the basics of the three knife ranges (close, middle, and long range) and practice drills to familiarize yourself with them!

The course introduces simple, effective movements that are easy to learn and work well under stress.

The Techniques Covered:
– Proper  Grips.
– S.R.C. Predator Knife Sets
– Slashing and Stabbing Techniques
– Reinforce Cuts,
– S.R.C. Tactical Knife Sets.
– Concealment.
– Stress Reactions
– Selection of Knives
– Muscle Targeting Areas
– Non-Lethal & Lethal Target Areas
– And much more.

Cost: ONLY $79
Date: TBA
 9:00am – 1:00pm
Location: Super T Karate
Certificate: Participation awarded for full
class attendance.

NOTICE: Only 12 spots available.

Room Clearing

This course will focus on the proper methodology of clearing single and multiple rooms, hallways and stairwells. We will also cover home invasion de-escalation or escalation, thoughts on prioritizing actions in the home, i.e., staying where you are in the home and protecting yourself or moving through the home in defense of others (spouse, children, grandchildren etc.), 911 dispatch verbalization and dealing with law enforcement officers once they are at your home.

– Mind Set
– Mission Purpose
– Proper Tactics Given the Situation
– One & Two Person Clearing Techniques
– Defensive Positions
– Much More.

Cost: ONLY $79
Date: Saturday February 16th, 2019
Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm
Location: Super T Karate
4981 Plainfield NE
Grand Rapids, Mich. 49525

Certificate: Participation awarded for
full class attendance.

NOTICE: Only 12 spots available.


Force -on- Force Scenario Training is a unique and rare opportunity to experience what might actually happen in a lethal force encounter.

You will face scenarios in which you will be forced to make shoot/no shoot decisions and negotiate firing in crowded situations such as public places or home invasions. You will test your tactics, mindset, and decision making in a safe and exciting learning environment.

This is NOT an Airsoft War – This is training that will discuss and work on your defensive mindset, tactical planning, mental preparation and awareness,
dynamic decision making, understanding and using physical and psychological reactions to lethal force confrontations

Training is done in a safe environment using safety gear and airsoft handguns.

Possible Scenarios:
– Carjacking
– Active shooter
– Mugging
– Armed robbery
– Home invasion
– Multiple threat
– Shoot/ No shoot
– Mall attack
– Road rage

What you need to Bring to class:
– Study belt
– Safety glasses
– Sweatshirts or Jacket
– Long pants
– Gloves
– Groin cup
– Tennis shoes
– Scarf or high collared shirt to protect your neck.

We will Furnish:
– Airsoft guns & Airsoft mask

Cost: ONLY $99
Date: TBA
Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm
Location: Super T Karate

Certificate: Participation awarded for full
class attendance.

NOTICE: Only 12 spots available.